How to create a main character in Game

How to create a main character in Game
How to create a main character in Game

The first thing we have to do is identify with our hero and turn him into a human so that the players feel identified with him. The perfect heroes are out of fashion, we want heroes with weaknesses, something that brings them closer to ourselves. That’s why we like Indiana Jones so much, because he hates snakes and because he charges a lot.

Step 1 defines the character.

How will our protagonist be? And I do not mean aesthetics, but your personality. Clothing and weapons must accompany character, not the other way around. It’s a very common mistake to start creating a character with a drawing, and it’s just the opposite. Will our hero be violent or peaceful? Are you tormented by a dark past? I recommend you start with a very simple exercise, describe what it is that has led you to be the protagonist of our history.

Now we focus on his attire and his way of moving. The suit will come defined by the time we are in, we have to be consistent with the environment of the character. The following are their weapons. They must have a story with their owner. Remember that even the Indiana Jones whip had a story. If it is plausible, the weapon in question will have much more weight in history. I think the professional game application developers that have the best game out of a character’s relationship with his weapon is Heavenly Sword since the sword greatly affects Nariko and I do not want to say spoiler if someone has not played, if you do not know what I’m talking about, please Play it!

Now the most fun is finding the identifying object that we all associate with our protagonist. It’s very simple, in Indiana Jones is the hat, in Han Solo is the vest or in Jack Sparrow the hair ribbon. We must squeeze our brains to find that object that everyone can assimilate with our prota. It can be anything, but it has utility in the game. If it is a medallion it must have the power to get some object.

Step 2 the skills of our protagonist.

We have already defined our character but now we have to play with him. The first thing is to be clear that main game mechanics have our video game. If it is a platform game, our prota will have to have mountaineering skills to climb everywhere, to enter impossible places and to reach completely inaccessible places. If, on the other hand, it is a stealth game, it must have an agile body and a great capacity for observation. All these seem obvious, but they are not. There are times when we find a platform video game with a rough and very muscular character in which you think it is impossible for him to jump that far.

Step 3 what is special about it

At this point, we have to detail what makes it special, such as controlling time as the Prince of Persia. This is the most difficult, we will have to be very creative to invent a game mechanic. It could be something very complicated like our character can invoke weather effects on enemies.

Step 4 How does our character relate?

If our protagonist is a cheese character and a bit of a slum, he should have a series of expressions that characterize him when talking, this will give the character more depth. If he is a hero of Greek mythology we will have to look for expressions that place us in that historical answer. It is not about defining just how he speaks, but understanding how he deals with situations in the game. If a dramatic event happens, how will it react? Will it collapse? Will it make you angry? … Working on this psychological section is what will give your character consistency.

Step 5 life beyond the story of the game

This last point adds a lot of depth to the character. We have to write what his life is like outside the story we are telling, describe his past well and develop his personal motivations. For example, a character may have the motivation to save the princess in the main story of the game, but then have a series of personal motivations such as living quietly, having a farm or becoming the richest man on the planet. If in addition, we make that during the main story their motivations are confronted, for example, a character who wants to live quietly in a remote country house and who has to take charge of a city and be a public figure to save hundreds of lives, we will have a character with internal dilemmas.

With these 5 key points, you can start to write a character protagonist of a solid video game. I hope you have enjoyed learning to shape your ideas.

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