Analyzing coldly this generation you will have realized that we really have not experienced a significant advance if we compare the current machines with their predecessors, our beloved and incombustible Xbox 360 and PS3. Obviously there are some improvements: the effects of light and the quality of the textures are aspects where some progress has been most appreciated, but in general it has been a gradual and conservative progress where the retouching and adornment of the already known has been a constant in the reign of PS4 and Xbox One and you can also get Xbox code, a generation that unfortunately will also be remembered for its excessive remastering, habitual and gigantic launch patches and more than a resounding case of graphics downgrade . If we add to this the later, more powerful revisions of these same consoles, the matter could be labeled as something quite … unusual. Let’s catalog it to avoid rough debates.

This house has defended with an iron fist that the video game for some time needs an evolution beyond the overrated graphic finish. Exploring and developing other facets of this interesting medium is a vital necessity. The visual advance is, of course, necessary but, for example, aspects such as artificial intelligence, more ambitious game mechanics and applied technology to offer a more realistic experience deserve special attention, an even development. The result is definitely worth it; imagine for a moment enemies and more intelligent characters, in addition to more elaborate and deeper controls, that make the player even more involved in the story ( Alien: Isolation is a good example )

PS4 and Xbox One seem to be getting closer every day to the last curve of their career and you can also get free Xbox one codes, the one that precedes the final big stretch of a cycle, or at least that’s what it seems or want us to believe. 2020 and 2022, these could be the years in which the new generation machines would make an appearance in the market. The time has come for video games to show us something more than beautiful sunsets and brilliant body reflections.

Procedural technology

Like any technological advance applied to the game, its name is great when you listen to it. However, this technology, that of procedures, whose concept and application is not entirely new, has already been used recently with current technology in recent titles, such as No Man’s Sky.

Mostly it is used to create textures and different types of content, such as articles, missions or level geometry. PlayStation 5 and the future Xbox will very likely bring this technological advance that will allow the procedural generation of objects and scenarios as a habitual resource. Currently, most video games use textures and scenarios designed by artists.

This effective tool, which should not harm the craftsmanship and creativity of the developers and their future new generation video games, could contribute powerfully to generate less predictable experiences and less rigid sensations during our games. Generating completely random and habitual 3D objects, textures, climate effects and other elements of the gameplay will give us a new world of amazing possibilities, away from those moments of repetition that even the best video game today make an appearance and we grind.

The possibility of cushioning these artificial and predefined sensations, gradually tearing down those strict limits that maintain the limited rhythm of a game, in short, making us forget that we are playing a simple game, this will be a real breakthrough in our experience as players and managers of the action, will contribute significantly to each game and each time we sit in front of the screen is different from the previous one. In a few years, when we have become accustomed to this and other advances, this will be usual and we will wonder how the hell we were able to enjoy with certain limitations. Meanwhile, let’s continue dreaming and imagining what the video game will bring us.


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