total jerkface divine intervention Free Online Play

total jerkface divine intervention Free Online Play

total jerkface divine intervention Free Online Play

1. divine intervention

Hello Guys today i am to say its great total jerkface game its great game Now check is the new version of total jerkface game divine intervention is the initial flash game created by Jim Bonacci. This was such a big hit for the flash game world. Although faced lots of criticism, it still stimulated the people’s inspiration to create their games.

2. Gameplay Total jerkface

In this Divin intervention, you will be put in the shoes of a priest living in a small town, too bad, it was haunted by the wicked devils. And now, the lord chose you to annihilate all of them. First of all, you will see there is a dreadful little boy who intends to slay you. You need to shoot him three times fast to wipe him and keep moving on, After that, There is a small girl running towards you and suing her weapon to stab you.

3.  divine intervention 2 unblocked

Don’t panic, shoot her 3 times just like the way you did to the boy. She will die for sure! Continue, there is a man walking up to you, and he is making an effort to rip your arm off. Well, try to shoot his head 10 times, or your shot his legs to kill him. Moving on, a kid appears! He could be an alter server, and he is waving his hand to you. He will say “Sir, over here! Look what I found! It can help you”.


total jerkface divine intervention Free Online Play


4.  IS total jerkface game

Move forward, run to him and try to grasp the gun, you can shoot him but think carefully, you shouldn’t do that. There will be a giant “X” popping up with the sound indicating that it’s not the right thing you should do. Don’t worry, this won’t have any effect on the story!
For the subsequent section, you will see that there are a girl, a man, and a boy. Strolling close enough will make they spawn. A brand new foe will turn up after that, with a circle. If you stroll too close, a wicked priest will pop up. This guy will utilize the laser assault when pointing at you. Therefore, you are supposed to duck under. A star will be released when pointing at the ground.

5. Free Play online Total jerkface


When you are in this case, you need to take a high leap to dodge it. Try to shoot of his shield to annihilate him, and then you can shoot his body or head until he totally dies. Moving on, you will confront with a boy who holds a shotgun and waves his hand. One more time, the same quote will be spoken by him. If you decide to walk up to him, there will be a girl running to you with the purpose of assaulting you.

Coming to the third part, you will confront with a man, a boy, and a girl. After that, there will be lots of boys and girls spawning. Then, you will have to welcome uninvited guest named evil priest. He will perform the same assaults as he hid in the previous section.

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